July 7

TwitrChat: Twitter-Powered Chat Plugin


How often does anyone get to say “World’s First….” for anything they do or make?

Or “Second”… or even “Third”?

Not too often, as you can imagine.

Well… we get to say it this time (after doing a lot of research first 🙂

We’re insanely excited to announce the beta launch of…

TwitrChat: The World’s FIRST WordPress Chat Plugin Powered by Twitter!

Read all about it on our sales page here.

And then come back here to leave your questions and comments behind.

Also, don’t forget to see TwitrChat live in action on our sales page (feel free to tweet us!)


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal
Wicked Cool Couple 😉

PS: The last time we said “World’s First…” was back in 2008, when we launched the World’s First ContentResponder


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