A lot has happened since we last updated this blog, which we admit, was way too long ago.

You can check out all of the Wicked Cool Plugins updates we have released, on our Change Log page.

Also, all of our activity is well documented at our other blog at DigitalAccessPass.com/blog/ , which is the one we update more frequently due to DAP being our flagship product, and all of our plugin updates and releases are announced over there first.

One of the biggest changes at WickedCoolPlugins.com has been the release of our “Wicked Cool Club” Platinum Membership Program – you can see the pricing at DigitalAccessPass.com/pricing/ .

Essentially, a Platinum membership gets you access to ALL of the plugins we have ever developed, as well as ALL of the plugins we will ever develop under the WickedCoolPlugins and DigitalAccessPass brands, for as long as you remain a member.

We are calling this the “Netflix of Plugins“.

No more paying for individual plugins. No more renewals. No more waiting for plugins to be dripped.

You get access to everything we got, including an Unlimited-site license of DAP itself, right from day #1 of your membership.

So get started today, and you can be downloading everything in just minutes from now.


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal