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92% of users will Leave a Site instead of Recovering or Resetting their Login Credentials

How often have you left a Website because you Forgot your Login Credentials?

Username and Password Fatigue spoils the web experience for users. They are tired of remembering different username and password combinations for logging into different websites.

Imagine this...

You've spent hours crafting an email to get your users all excited about the latest piece of content that you've made available in their members area.  Your email captures their attention. They click on the link in your email and arrive at your site excited to read and process your content. But there's just one little problem...

They don't remember their login credentials!

What are the chances that they will spend the time to recover their login information or reset their password and then consume your content? 

According to a Poll by Blue Research:

92% of Users will Leave A Site Instead of Resetting/Recovering Login Info

Your users are not going to wait around for their password reset link to arrive in the email. Even if they request it, by the time the email arrives, something else might capture their attention and they'll move on!

You spend so much effort in trying to bring people to your Website. You don't want to lose them in the forgotten username and password mess before they can even get to your content. Leverage every opportunity to  engage with your users and build a long term relationship with them where they would want to keep coming back for more. With a bad user experience, you'll send them away for good! And if that's not bad enough, you might be sending them straight to your competitors - who will be only too happy to have them!

The DAP Social Login Plugin to Your Rescue!

Social login basically means using a Social Media account like Facebook or Twitter to Login to a Site.

Facebook is the single largest Social Media Platform in the World. The DAP Social Login plugin leverages the Power of Facebook to provide a great login experience for your Members. Since most users already have a Facebook account, the DAP Social Login Plugin will allow your existing members to Login to their Members Area on your site with "1-Click of the Login button". They don't have to type in their email / password manually in the login form.

Yes, they do need to need to give Facebook the permission to exchange their public profile with your site, but they only need to do this once - just the very first time they link their Facebook account with their membership account. Once they have done this, it's 1-click login to membership from their on...

Users are not just familiar, a majority of users are already using Social Login on sites that support it.

People visit your site because you are offering something they are interested in. You want to engage with your users, get to know them and find out what they are interested in. If you want your users to keep coming back to your site and continue endorsing and buying your product, you got to make it easy for them to access your content.  Why make it harder for them to come back to you by asking them to remember yet another username and password?

The DAP Social Login Plugin makes it easier for the growing number of social login fans to come back to your site. Social login helps generate loyal and habitual users who will excitedly come back to your site for more...

How Does It Work?

User visits the login page for the first time, clicks on the "Login with Facebook" button to connect her Membership account with her FB account. 

A Facebook Permission Dialog box pops up requesting her permission to exchange her Facebook public profile info with your site.

She clicks on Okay.​ A dialog box pops up (you can customize the contents of this box). It explains the account linking process to the user.

She clicks on OK. A login form shows up in an elegant pop up. She logs in ONCE using her email/password to identify her account. This completes the account linking process. 

The user is logged-in and her FaceBook email is stored as an alias to her primary membership email. From here on, she can login to her membership with 1-click of the Login button.

According to a survey conducted by Blue Research, users increasingly understand the benefits of Social Login and are more likely to return to a site that offers Social Login.

Great Login Experience for both Web & Mobile Users

The DAP Social Login plugin makes it really easy for website and mobile users to log in on your site using their Facebook login.

More and more people are using Smartphones and tablets to access online content. Social login is not just a nice-to-have option. It's a must-have to allow your users an easy and fast way to access their content without having to type in their email/password credentials on their mobile devices. Nowadays users are not just familiar with social login, they expect a 1-click login option.

Per, the worldwide mobile phone internet access was 52.7 percent in 2015 and figures suggest that more than 63.4 percent of mobile phone users will access online content through their devices in 2017.

The adoption of 1-click social login continues to surge as consumers place a premium on convenience, speed and ease-of-use on their Mobile Devices.

Key Features

  • Traditional Login Option The DAP Social Login Plugin offers traditional Email + Password based login in addition to the 1-click Facebook Login. The users that don't want to use social login OR don't want to give Facebook permission to share their public profile with your site OR those that don't have a Facebook account - can continue to use traditional login.
  • 1-Click Login Experience This plugin will allow you to Improve customer engagement and trust with an easy, fast and simple one-click login process! Offering 1-click social login will make it easier for the growing number of social login fans to come back to your site.

  • Password Fatigue Users are tired of coming up with different username and password combinations for logging into different websites. Password Fatigue spoils web experience for users. The DAP Social Login plugin provides a really simple and convenient way to your users to 1) link their Membership account with their Facebook account and 2) use 1-click login to their membership.

  • Less Support Tickets The DAP Social Login plugin will reduce the number of support tickets you get from your members related to forgotten login credentials. It'll allow you to reduce support costs due to forgotten login credentials.

  • Customizable Interface The DAP Social Login Plugin comes with an intuitive editor to tailor the style and color of your login template. All the messages can be customized as well.

  • Happy & Engaged Users According to a survey by Blue Research, over 90% of users go elsewhere rather than retrieve their forgotten usernames and passwords, and as a result, you'll have no opportunity to build relationships with them. The DAP Social Login plugin will help bring back users to your site and provide you with more opportunities to engage with your members.

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Takes less than 10 minutes to Setup


Install the Plugin

Download DAPSocialLogin & WCP License plugin from site. You can install these plugins just like any other standard WordPress plugin (via WP admin => Plugins => Add New => Upload tab). Activate both plugins.


Activate License

Enter your WCP License Key in your WP Admin => Settings -> WCP license. You can get your License Key from your Members Area on the site.


Create Facebook App

Create a Facebook App for your Domain. You just have to do this once for your site. You'll find detailed instructions in our documentation.  Be sure to click on Add Platform and Select "Website" as the Platform (under Settings).


Click on the SC editor Icon

Click on the SC Editor Icon in the Visual Editor tab of your WP admin -> pages to setup the login form.


Customize your Login Form

Select a Page or Sidebar Login Template in the SC Editor. Enter your Facebook API Key/Secret in DAP Setup -> Config Page. You can customize the style and the messages OR you can just use the defaults.


Congrats! You're almost DONE!

Publish the login page. Make this the default login page in your DAP Admin -> Setup -> Config Page -> Login URL Field. Test to be sure it works. That's it! Your members can enjoy the 1-click Login Experience.

"Wow! Without a doubt this is a HUGE Time Saving Plugin!"

"One of my biggest tech support issues is helping a customer remember a long lost password and they can’t remember the user name in order reset the password! It’s a mess.

With the Dap Social Plugin… this problem instantly goes away! I myself love it when I can log into a website I’m a member of - using Facebook or my Google + account.  I’ve been using Veena’s new DAP social plugin for about a week to help test it out. I’ve had NO issues with my customers. They simply click a button and they’re logged in!  Super easy to set up on my end too! Just wanted to write this to let everybody knows how great I think this plugin is. Thanks for creating this for my DAP sites Veena!"

marc sylvester Laughingbird Software

"An Easy & Very Convenient Experience for My Users..."

Thank you Veena for this wonderful plugin. I myself had a test account in my own membership website for which I didn't remember the password for. At that moment it dawned on me how extremely useful this plug in is, as almost everyone has this issue at one time or another where they don't remember their login details especially on mobile devices. This is wonderful and a huge time saver for my members to be able to link once, and press ONE button from then on, to login. Bravo!

Carrie Mallach

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