DAP Connect, DAP Header Login & DAP2DAP Downloads

DAP Header Login: Create a Great Login / Logout Experience for your Members

DAP Header Login: Latest version: v4.0 (released 01/10/2024)

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DAP2DAP: Connect Different Membership Sites

DAP2DAPLatest version: v6.0 (released 10/17/2022)

2. Upload the dap2dap installer to your WP site and install/activate like any other WP plugin. After activation, you can go to the DAP2DAP installer page to upload the dap2dap files.
3. After you complete #2, you can login to DAP admin dashboard >> manage products >> automation page >> and add DAP2DAP product/profile automations!

DAPConnect: Connect your Marketing Platform with your DAP Membership Site

DAP Connect: Latest version: v2.0 (released 02/07/2021)

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