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DAP Ticket, Header Login & DAP2DAP Downloads

DAP Header Login: Create a Great Login / Logout Experience for your Members

DAP Header Login: Latest version: v1.9 (released 06/09/2019)

YOUR LICENSE KEY: Oops, you must be logged in to view this page. Please log in via the form in the sidebar to your right.

You will also have to install / activate the WCP License Plugin

DAP2DAP: Connect Different Membership Sites

DAP2DAP: Latest version: v2.0 (released 02/17/2020)

1. You need to be on DAP v8.x or above to use this plugin.
2. Upload the dap2dap installer to your WP site and install/activate like any other WP plugin. After activation, you can go to the DAP2DAP installer page to upload the dap2dap files.
3. After you complete #2, you can login to DAP admin dashboard >> manage products >> automation page >> and add DAP2DAP product/profile automations!

DAP Ticket: A Helpdesk for your Membership Site

DAP Ticket: Latest version: v2.0 (released 03/27/2019)

1. Both core DAP files and support files need to be extracted to the root folder of your domain.
2. You need to be on DAP v8.x (or above) to use DAP Ticket.

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