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Our Plugin of the month - DigitalAccessPass (DAP)!

Easily Convert ANY Wordpress Site

Into A Fully Automated Membership Site! (DAP) - The MOST Powerful Membership Plugin for Wordpress

  • Setup Wizard: setup your Membership Site in under 30 minutes! 
  • Built-in LMS: DAP comes with an advanced LMS for your courses! You won't need an external LMS if you use DAP.
  • Protect all types of content - pages, posts, custom posts, categories, pdf files, audio, video, zip files, etc. Protect regular files like .mp3, .zip, .pdf, .doc. .xls. Even protect Images (.gif, .jpg, .png).
  • Sell all types of products - one-off, subscriptions, payment plans, free trial, paid trial. You can use DAP to create and offer freebies as well. 
  • DAP comes with a built-in Affiliate Program for your web site, where all your Members can automatically/instantly be enrolled as Affiliates.
  • DAP comes with an advanced and fully customizable member page builder to help you build membership pages - login, content, profile, invoice, affiliate, etc.
  • Email Platform Integration: DAP integrates with several external email platforms such as AWeber, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Drip, MailerLite, GetResponse, etc.
  • Group Membership: DAP comes with a full-fledged group membership program. Group owners can purchase seats, and create and manage subaccounts. 
  • DAP comes with a built-in email autoresponder & broadcast system. 
  • And so much more. Click the button below to learn more!

Create & Sell Your Products At Lightning Speed! (SPC) 

The Most Powerful Shopping Cart Plugin for Wordpress!

  • SmartPayCart (SPC) comes with several built-in, high converting checkout templates.
  • You can accept payments using Stripe, PayPal and
  • You can use 1-step order forms or 2-step order forms.
  • You can create all types of payment buttons - buy now, add-to-cart, pay-what-you-want, pay-per-post, etc.
  • You can also create an instant storefront to sell your products and services.
  • SPC supports full-fledged dunning / failed payment management. Your users can update their credit card info on your site. They can self-cancel, pause and resume their subscriptions.

SPC also comes with an Advanced Drag & Drop Checkout Page Builder! 

Drag and drop your way to a beautiful checkout page layout,  

WOW your buyers, help convert visitors into customers!

  • Multiple Order Bumps:  You can offer not just one but multiple “order bumps” on your checkout page. From what we know, you cannot do this with any other cart plugins. Many SPC’ers have benefited from this feature where they are able to double their order value with order bump offers.
  • Free Membership Trial as an Order Bump: You can offer a “Free Membership Trial” as an Order Bump.
  • Automated Login: Your members will be automatically logged-in to the membership when they purchase your product. They don’t have to wait for a welcome email to login. They can instantly access your product.
  • Visual Funnel Builder: SPC comes with a unique “Visual Funnel Builder” that’ll allow you to build all types of sales funnel (unlimited 1-click upsells and downsells), with the click of a few buttons.
  • Mobile Optimized:  Create a completely different optimized look for your mobile users! Add different fields and re-arrange order for mobile checkout.
  • Build your own layout: You can build your own checkout layout, with fully customizable sections! Drag/drop elements wherever you want on the checkout page.
  • Add Different Elements: Add different types of elements (image, heading, text, testimonial, bullet points, etc) anywhere you want on your checkout.

The Most Powerful Quiz & Survey Plugin!

Use the power of quizzes to generate leads, build social media

following, generate traffic, and improve conversion!

  • SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) supports all types of quizzes (personality, scoring, assessment) and surveys.
  • Segmentation: It allows outcome mapping where you can assign different tags based on the outcome, and send tags to your email platform.
  • You can configure it to send you an email with all the question/answers after a prospect completes the quiz.
  • You can add open-ended questions, even to a personality quiz.
  • Personalized quiz: when your participants start the quiz, you can configure ask for their name first. And use it to personalize some or all of the questions.
  • Lead Magnet Quiz: You can ask a series of questions to learn more about your prospects. Your prospects need to opt-in to see results.
  • Smart Branching Logic: SQB supports quiz funnels where answers dictate the next question. You can send users through different paths, based on their answers.
  • Quiz Analytics: You Can Track Everything. You'll find contact info, quiz results, answers, etc. You'll find their answers to questions and also the results.
  • Connects with Zapier
  • Outcome Redirect: You can configure SQB to skip the results screen and instead directly redirect participants to any page you want.
  • Share Results: You can configure it to display share buttons on the result screen so participants can share their outcome on social.
  • Built-in FB Pixel Tracking
  • There are simply no Quiz Plugins as powerful and customizable as SQB!

 A Rewards-Based Membership Site! (GoP) - The Most Comprehensive

Gamification Platform-For your Membership Site!

The GameOfPoints (GoP) plugin will allow you to implement automated gamification tactics for everyday actions,such as awarding points to your members for loginregistrationpurchaserecurring payment,

referralssocial share, completion of quiz/surveypage visit/clicks, completion of unit, module, lesson etc

 and allowing users to use those points to get access to other products and services on your site.

Simple, Easy, Advanced, Customizable & Powerful

Collection of Plugins created by Marketers for Markerters!

Are you ready to double your leads and grow your sales?

Amazon S3 Video & Audio Player - Protect and Securely Embed Video, Audio, PDF, etc

From Amazon S3 into Your WordPress Website

If you have S3 media files - like Audio, Video, PDF, etc - in your Amazon S3 account, and you wish to protect them, deliver them in your WordPress website, membership site or online course, and prevent them from being shared illegally with unauthorized users, then S3MediaVault is the WordPress plugin you need.

  • Made for Amazon S3 & CloudFront: It can securely deliver files via both Amazon S3 and CloudFront.
  • Blazing-fast media loading speeds for your members. 
  • Practically "Impossible to Download" AES 128-Bit Encryption:
  • And a lot more.

Lift your Conversions with Real-time

notification of sales & Opt-ins Instill Trust & Confidence In

New Visitors With Live Social Proof! 

Show Sales Proof will allow you to display purchase activities on your sales page via a recent sales notification popup that will show up in the bottom left/right (configurable) or top left/right corner of your page. You can even display notifications right above or below your buy button on your sales page!

Within a couple of minutes, you can create, customize & activate live sales notifications on your sales page or any other page on your website!

Gamify Your Opt-ins and Skyrocket your Conversions! Turn 2-3% conversions rates

into conversions rates of 20% or more!

Capture your visitor’s email address while offering them a chance to win a prize by turning the wheel of fortune! 

  • Each wheel can have as many winning and losing slices as you like. Each winning slice can contain a different prize.
  • Choose the text & color for each slice on the wheel including the winning and losing slices.
  • Connect each winning slice to a lead-capture tool. Add to same list with different tags (or different lists with different tags)!
  • Define wheel as popup or inline. 
  • Visitors must fill in their email to spin it. You can display the prize information right there or redirect to a different page.
  • Prevent spam. You can also connect each winning slice with an autoresponder and send out the prize details in an email to the subscribers. This way you can protect your site from spammers.

  • The  MONEY is in Your EMAIL LIST Accelerate the

    growth of your email list like never before!

    Deliver your Signup Reward Instantly,

    in a refreshingly unique way, to your subscribers! 

    You can incentivize your users in many different ways to get them to sign up.

    Here are a few examples:
    1. Instant Coupon.
    2. Instant access to an E-book or Report.
    3. Instant access to a Video (eg., Part 1 is public, sign up to watch Part 2).
    4. Instant access to a Checklist.
    5. Continue reading rest of your Blog Post.

    And a lot more plugins...

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    Are You Struggling To Get Your Website Visitors 

    To Share Your Content On Facebook?

    This plugin will change that! The possibilities are endless!

    You can use this plugin in several different ways to incentivize your users to share your content on Facebook.

    Your users need to click on the 'Share To Unlock' button to unlock the hidden content. The hidden content can be anything you want - a Coupon Code, a Video Embed Code, an eBook Download Link, part of your blog post etc.

    Powerful, Pretty, Easy To Use Podcast & Audio Player Plugin

    • It's a WordPress plugin: You could be installing it and be using it in just minutes from now. Super-easy and intuitive to set up.
    • Universal Online MP3 Player: CoolCastPlayer is not just a podcast player. It can play MP3 files hosted anywhere... like Libsyn, SoundCloud, Podbean, (Cast), your own WordPress site, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, PowerPress, BluBrry, etc.
    • Mobile Responsive: CoolCastPlayer will play on screens of all sizes, including iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, iPads, Desktop Browser. It will look equally stunning on all screens.
    • Episode Player: You can use CoolCastPlayer as an Episode Player for playing all of your individual podcast episodes, even you don't host your feed at any of the above services. Replace all of the ugly players on your site with CoolCastPlayer.
    • Feed Player: You can use CoolCastPlayer's feed player that supports podcast feeds generated from the entire list of podcast hosting companies.

    Plugins for your dAP-Powered Membership Site

    DAP2DAP - Connect different membership sites!

    Want to connect different DAP-powered member sites (owned by you or your partners) so regardless of where the purchase happened from, regardless of where your users signed up from, you can deliver content/products from a completely different site?

    DAP2DAP will allow you to connect multiple DAP-Powered Membership Sites (whether it's your own sites or your partner's site) in such a way that you can deliver your product/content (upsell, order bumps, bonuses, etc) from any connected site!

    DAP Ticket

     A Helpdesk For Your Membership Site!

    DAP Ticket uses one of the World's most popular open source helpdesk software called "osTicket" and it takes it to the next level for membership site users! You don't have to install osTicket separately. It's all included in DAP Ticket. Your members can quickly open new tickets, view and track progress under their membership account, and easily communicate with you and your team!

    As someone who is truly passionate about customer service and support, I'm very proud of DAP Ticket as it's not only affordable (no monthly fees and supports unlimited agents), it'll allow you to automate tasks, track progress and resolve customer issues quickly. When tickets are resolved faster, customers are able to work more successfully with your product or service, meaning they believe in your product and will be loyal to it over the long term!

    DAP TIcket will allow you to streamline your business and boost productivity. It'll make it easy for your customers to communicate with you and your team!

    DAP Header Login Plugin

    Create a Great Login Experience For Your Members

    The DAP header login plugin will allow you to show a login link or a login form to your website visitors. It'll automatically replace the login form (in your website's header area), with a logout button for logged-in members, and replace the login link (in your nav bar), with a logout link for logged-in members.

    The DAP header login plugin will allow you to:

    • Show a DAP login form in your website header area
    • Show a DAP login/logout link in your nav bar.
    • If you have multiple nav bars, you can even select the nav bar where you want the login link to display.
    • And a lot more...

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