Paypal Upsell-Tree Plugin

2-Click Upsells using just a good ol' Paypal account. No merchant account required. You already know that Upsells are the fastest way to instantly increase per-sale revenue. Can you imagine being able to increase your earnings by 10%, 20% or even 50% – just by plugging in this simple strategy right into your existing sales funnel? ...

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Squeeze Pages Are Dead! Long Live "STU Pages". STU is a WordPress plugin that allows you to “Lock” premium content on a page and allow your visitor to “Unlock” that content only after they “Signup” [hence the name "Signup To Unlock"]. And the subscriber is added to a DAP product (or “list”). No third-party list service required. Just DAP...

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WP ChatR

Instant Live Chat Room For Your WordPress Site. World’s FIRST WordPress Chat Plugin integrated with Twitter & FaceBook. How would you like to instantly create a live, chat room on your web site in just minutes? Not just one, but multiple public chat rooms, powered by the two most powerful social platforms available...

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Social Media Popup

Who doesn’t love tons of free traffic, right? Imagine using the power of Social Media to not just engage and captivate your visitors, but also to get them to spread the word for you – for FREE! This is "Tell-A-Friend" On Steroids! ...

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Social Media PageLock

Leverage the power of the Top 4 Social Networks: FaceBook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn! This is the "In Page" (non-popup) version of the Social Media Popup plugin. This is "Sneak Peek" on Steroids!

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Your Email Inbox Is A Mess! Too much spam and junk mail in there. But if you got an SMS in the next 5 seconds, we wanna bet that you will read it, guaranteed! Now imagine harnessing the power of Text Messaging to notify your list about...

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IPN Redirect

As you begin using your Paypal account (or other processor) to process payments for multiple web sites, the single biggest problem you're going to run into, is sharing that one single IPN notification with multiple sites and services...

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Exit Popup

The most effective Exit Popups are not really “Popups” – they’re more of a “Redirect”! So don't just throw an annoying popup in your visitor's face, but instead use a smart redirect to make them an Upsell, Downsell, offer a Coupon, or...

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SnEaKy Affiliate

Redirect visitors to your "Product Review" page directly to an affiliate link for the product without your visitors having to click on any of your affiliate links. This is so sneaky that they won't even know they've visited an affiliate link...

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ListBuilder Popup users: Time to rejoice! We have 5 eye-popping-beautiful sign up form popups that will add the lead to your free DAP Product. You no longer have to use just that plain-ol' sign up form that comes with DAP.

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DAPTicket (DT) is a Ticketing System that enables your members to open tickets to get help with Billing and Support. It's a fully functional, powerful ticketing system to manage tickets, assign it to others on your team, ...

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Why WickedCoolPlugins Is Different...

These plugins are so powerful and unique, and when used together on your web site, the traffic-snowball effect you'll experience, will be something you've never experienced before.

Six of the 7 Plugins are made for increasing traffic to your web site. And one of them (IPN Redirect) is to enable you to automate and manage your sales process better as the web sites you operate grow in numbers.

You probably won't see another Internet Marketer's toolkit so jam-packed with value and quality. And not to forget, this is from the same folks behind, who are known for our incredibly passionate tech support and customer service and quality of product. And to think that you're literally getting 7 Plugins for the Price of ONE!

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“Finally, a set of awesome list building and marketing plugins all in one place…”

… Instead of having to patch together a number of plugins, and hope they don’t conflict, I now have a suite of plugins that not only help me build lists and get more prospects and customers, but I don’t have to worry that they’re going to cause errors on my site, with the possibility of taking it out of action when I least expect it… (continue reading…)