SmartPayCart (SPC)
Bitcoin Integration

Start accepting bitcoin on your
SPC Checkout Page

Allow your users to spend their bitcoin securely on your SPC Checkout Page


Steps to Integrate BitPay with SPC
and Enable bitcoin Payments
on your SPC Checkout page

Step 1- Create Account in BitPay

SPC uses BitPay as the payment processor to process Bitcoin payments. So if you want to offer Bitcoins as a method of payment on your checkout page, you need first create a BitPay account.

BitPay allows you to accept payments in bitcoin and receive funds directly to your bank account. Bank deposits in 38 countries, settled in US Dollars, Euros, GBP and more!

Click HERE to learn more about BitPay! 

Step 2- Get API Key from your BitPay Account

1. Login to your BitPay account.


2. Click on Payment Tools.

3. Click on "Legacy API Keys".

4. You'll find your API Key there.

Step 3- Enter the API Key in SPC >> Settings Page 

Enter the API Key that you get from your BitPay Account in SPC >> Settings Page >> Live Mode Tab.

For Sandbox Testing

For testing, you can access . It's a mirror of BitPay's production site running on the the Bitcoin Testnet.  Just follow the steps on to sign up for a free account. The accounts on this server are auto-approved to process up to $1,000 per day and $10,000 annually in test transactions. To process a greater volume in test transactions, you'll have to email their team requesting a tier upgrade.  

After you create the account, enter the API key in SPC Settings Page >> Sandbox tab >> BitPay section.

Step 4- Enable BitPay in your SPC Checkout Page

When you create a SPC Checkout Page, you'll find an option to offer "Bitcoins"  

Step 5- Create Buy Button using bitcoin Enabled Checkout

Now when you create a buy button for your DAP products, you can use "bitcoin enabled checkout" page! 

PLEASE NOTE: SPC currently only supports bitcoin integration for one-off products. We're looking into extending this to 'recurring products' soon but for now, ONLY use bitcoin enabled checkout pages for your "one-off" products.

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