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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying



 Laurent Breillant 


I've tried several order forms systems in the last year, but none of them really fit my needs. And then came SmartPayCart. Now I have a beautiful order form than I can simply customize to my needs, fully translate into French, VAT compliant (which is mandatory if you have any customer in the EU, and a feature that nobody except SPC seems to handle correctly), and was easy to integrate with my existing system thanks to DAPConnect and Zapier. I can simply connect all that to ActiveCampaign for emailing, Freshbooks for invoicing, and everything just works well. 

Plus the software evolves quickly, and new features are added all the time. Veena is very much keen to make the best product possible, and customer service is quick and good, which is critical when we're talking about the software handling payments for your business. It's also way less expensive than most options on the market, while being a way better product.



Michelle Marie Valladares-Diaz


 I went from 30K a year to over 100K a year from one year to the next and DAP and SPC have been a huge part of that. SPC has totally transformed my business! It is so amazing being able to customize a shopping cart for each product and to be able to change so many features and design to each cart. The order bump is absolutely amazing and it is insanely and ridiculously easy to use. I mean, even if you didn’t go through Veena’s extensive and thorough documentation, you would still be able to figure it out.


 Magic Leone

SmartPayCart (SPC) is a great plugin and I love it! I was using ClickFunnels and SPC can do pretty much everything they offer and allows me to save a lot of money  :). Thank you again! Loving your product and will be glad to give you a testimonial if you need.

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