LifeTime License

Great News! Your copy of WickedCoolPlugins (whichever plugins you purchased) comes with a “LifeTime License“.

Which means your WCP license NEVER expires.

Once you purchase a WCP plugin, you can use it for as long as you want, on as many sites as your license allows you to – without paying us a penny more ever again.

And with your purchase of WCP, you already get 1 Full Year of Free Software Upgrades & Technical Support.

After the initial 1 year expires, IF and ONLY IF you want continued access to support and/or newer versions of any WCP plugins, then you may renew below.

NOTE: Renewals are NOT mandatory. You may renew any time you want support or upgrades.



COMING SOON: We are switching to a monthly subscription model for

Please check back for signup details.