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World’s FIRST WordPress Chat Plugin…

… powered by Twitter!

How would you like to instantly create a live, chat room on your web site in just minutes?

Not just one, but multiple chat rooms, all powered by the most powerful instant message platform available… Twitter.com.


TwitrChat: Instant Chat Rooms For Your Web Site!

TwitrChat is the easiest and fastest way to create a chat room for your web site where your web site’s visitors, your members, your newsletter subscribers, can all gather and chat with each other on any topic.

And the fact that it is powered by Twitter, makes it the most powerful chat room plugin ever.

Your member’s chat messages – which are basically tweets – will also be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Plus getting your domain name or keyword mentioned in hundreds of tweets worldwide, is only going to give your SEO efforts a HUGE boost, and will also add to your brand, reputation and keyword popularity.

And remember this: Selecting the right “hashtag” for your chat room and having your hashtag in hundreds of keywords in quick succession by tweeters from all over the world could make your hashtag a “trending topic” on Twitter – which is like getting on the front page of Digg.com or getting a mention on the front page of CNN.com for free!

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What Else Can You Do With A Chat Room?

  • A chat room to go along with your Live Webinar where your attendees can chat with you – and each other.
  • A chat room during a Product Launch to answer questions, live, from buyers
  • A chat room during a Live Seminar where your audience can give you live and instant feedback – AND all messages are posted on Twitter – for the world to see!
  • A Members-Only chat room – that you can also leave open and invite members to join and chat at any time
  • A chat room for only certain Membership Levels: Use DAP and add chat-room page only to certain Products
  • A private chat room for your Mastermind group
  • A Pre-sales or Tech Support chat room where buyers can chat with you when you’re online (just disable the chat room when your team is not available for a chat)

Super Powerful

  • Powered by Twitter.com – Chat messages (“tweets”) will live on forever, on Twitter.com
  • Messages are also archived on your own web site for visitors to see
  • Google loves and indexes tweets – so more Google Juice for your keyword (“hashtag”)
  • Everyone has a twitter account – so no special signup required. Just jump in and start chatting, any time, from any WordPress page
  • Unlimited chat rooms
  • Unlimited chatters
  • Works like a dream with WordPress (true WordPress plugin)
  • Instantly ban users (by their twitter id’s) that don’t conform to your chat room rules
  • Chatters can “Reply” reply to others’ messages (using the Twitter standard “@username” format)
  • Auto-refresh for instant, near real-time updates

Super Customizable

  • Create a chat room right within any WordPress Page or Post on your web site
  • Choose topic for chat room using “hashtags”
  • Choose how many chat messages to display per page (can show just latest X messages if you want)
  • Customize how often chat room will be refreshed for each chatter (configurable, for those on shared hosts)
  • Enter tips or a welcome message for your users above the TwitrChat shortcode, in your own words
  • Add any text, links or advertisements above or below the TwitrChat shortcode that will appear right above the chat box for your visitors to see
  • Since the TwitrChat chat room appears right within a page or post on your WordPress site, it will fit right within the look & feel of your theme. Which means you can use any WP template – even a special WP template with or without sidebars, that shows ads, promotes your products and/or email signup forms

Super-Easy Setup

  • Installs in just a minute like any other WordPress plugin
  • One-time Setup takes less than 10 minutes
  • Add new chat rooms in under a minute
  • Code Generator for quickly generating the shortcode required to create your chat room: Just paste it into a WordPress Page or Post and you have an instant chat room!
  • Easily Enable/Disable chat rooms with the click of a button
  • No technical knowledge required. Install plugin, grab 2 special keys from your Twitter account, and you’re done! (watch video above to see how easy it really is)

Click here to see TwitrChat Live in Action! (opens in a new tab)


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Why TwitrChat

If you do a Google search, you’ll see that there aren’t many self-hosted WordPress chat plugins.

Most of them require a monthly fee. And the more the chatters, the higher the fee.

And even amongst the rare few self-hosted plugins, none of them integrated with Twitter.

And absolutely none of them will help you get any social media exposure or extra “Google Juice”.

TwitrChat is so easy to set up, that you could launching your first chat room in about 15 minutes from now.

All you need is a Twitter account, and this plugin.

That makes TwitrChat a one-of-a-kind chat plugin.



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A big “DUH” (thanks to our 13-year-old)

After spending weeks of development integrating TwitrChat with Twitter, one day we were explaining how it works, to our kids, who had been excitedly watching the whole dev-to-launch process unfold.

And our daughter innocently asks: “So, what if you don’t want the messages to be posted on Twitter?”

You could actually hear crickets for a minute there 🙂

Flash-forward to the day of the launch. Do you know what was the most frequently asked question?

“How to make the plugin NOT post chat messages to Twitter? How to make all of the messages private just within my web site?”

Duh! 🙂

Can’t believe we never once thought of that!

So here’s what we’re doing…

We’ve already started working on a super-awesome update for TwitrChat.

The next release will have Twitter as well as FaceBook integration, and the ability to make the chat messages completely private.

So it’s like 2-plugins-in-1. And we might even give it a new name!

And that only means that the price of TwitrChat is going to go up substantially. So get it before the price goes up – unless, of course, you want to pay more for the awesomest WordPress Chat Plugin.. ever! (even if we say so ourselves 🙂



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[jbutton color=”orange” size=”xlarge” link=”/buytcu.php”]Buy TwitrChat Unlimited-sites: $67[/jbutton]




[box]IMPORTANT: [highlight]Unlimited-Site License is NOT for use on client sites[/highlight], JV sites, partner sites, friend/family/church/organization web sites. It is only for use on your own web sites.[/box]


Click here to see TwitrChat Live in Action!
(opens in a new tab)

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