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Now imagine using the power of Social Media to not just engage and captivate your visitors, but also to get them to spread the word for you – for FREE!

Tell-A-Friend On Steroids!

It takes the biggest “tell a friend” phenomenon in recent times – the “Like” button – and puts a UNIQUE twist on it.

It basically turns the boring ol’ tell-a-friend concept into “Tell a friend and THEN you can see my awesome content

And it puts the power of this social “Like Lock” on a popup, while dimming the background (a la lightbox), and makes your visitor have to share your URL on a social network of their choice, before they can view the wicked-cool content behind the social media popup.

So you can hide your juicy, free-line content – which could be a really awesome video, a link to download your latest free report, or even a coupon code – behind a cool-looking Social Media Popup.

And to unlock and get to your awesome “locked” content behind this popup, all your visitor has to do is to simply “Like” your web site on ANY one of the BIG 4 social networks of their choice: FaceBook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

[jbox color="platinum"]Get your visitor to tell their friends about you, AND bring you more traffic, AND be thankful to you for your free content![/jbox]

So imagine this…

  • Jill arrives at your web site.
  • Jill watches one part of your awesome video (or read one part of your “How To” article)
  • Now, before she can watch the rest of the video (or read the best part of your article), she has to “Like” your site on any one of her favorite social networks – which is FaceBook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • So Jill, being a big FaceBook user, clicks on the FaceBook “Like” button
  • Seconds after clicking on the “Like” button, Jill instantly gets access to your cool new video.
  • Now your web site URL is on Jill’s FaceBook Wall.
  • Some of Jill’s friends see the link and click over to your site.
  • One of her friends is John.
  • John goes thru the same sneak peek, and to unlock the hidden content, John does a +1 on Google Plus
  • Your URL is now on John’s Google Plus page

And thus, each visitor arriving at your site either “Likes” or “+1″s or “Tweets” or “InShare”‘s your URL.

And each new visitor means several new visitors – all for FREE!

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No expensive Adwords or FaceBook ads, no painful SEO or Google Slaps, and absolutely no money spent on traffic.

This is “Tell-A-Friend On Steroids”! (now that we think about it, maybe that’s what we should’ve called it!)


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