Sneakiest Affiliate Tool Ever! Put your affiliate promos in stealth-mode!

Affiliate Commissions On Steroids!

This is very similar in functionality to the “Exit Popup” exit-redirect plugin, but with one major difference: This can load an external web site URL (primarily meant for your affiliate link) in an iframe, when a user exits a page on your site.

This plugin is especially powerful on a product review page.

Imagine this…

  • John is researching a product
  • John finds your review web site on Google, and clicks over to your site
  • He reads the review, all of the comments from your list and your previous visitors, maybe even chooses to add a comment
  • Then just closes the page, and goes back to Google, to move on to the next link from the search results.

See what just happened there?

You created this extensive review page, with lots of pictures, personal experiences, maybe even a video showing how the product or service works, you have literally spent hours upon hours building this page, driving traffic to it, getting people to comment on it, responding to their comments, and what happened?

John simply arrived at your site, consumed all of the content, and then just left your site, leaving you hanging high-and-dry! He probably went on to purchase the product based on your recommendation, and also trusting you based on the “Expert” status you have painstakingly built over months and years!

And that plain sucks for you, as you never got to see a dime in affiliate commissions for all of the hard work you put in trying to build an affiliate review!

Don’t Get Sad, Get SnEaKy!

So when your visitor is trying to leave your sales page or a special offer page, you can silently redirect them your affiliate link for that very product being reviewed on that page!

And even if the visitor chooses not to “Stay On Page” when he sees the exit-redirect offer, your affiliate cookie would’ve already been set on his computer.

So, even though he never clicked on any of your affiliate links, and he didn’t actually agree to the exit redirect, your affiliate cookie is already set. Which means, if he goes on to purchase the product, YOU get the affiliate commission for the sale, and John didn’t even know that he actually visited an affiliate link!

This exit-redirect-to-affiliate-link concept is so powerful, that even IM-savvy folks who are very careful to not click on affiliate links when they’re researching stuff online, will not realize that they’ve actually been COOKIED!
[jbox color=”blue” vgradient=”#fdfeff|#bae3ff” title=”Sneaky, but not Unethical”]There’s nothing illegal or unethical about this. But is it sneaky? Hell, yeah! :-)[/jbox]

The “Sneaky Affiliate” plugin is very similar to the Exit Popup plugin, with the only difference being that the Sneaky Affiliate plugin allows you to redirect your exiting visitor to a completely 3rd party URL.

So since the rest of the features are the same as that of the Exit Popup plugin, you can read about them here.


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