FINALLY! A really simple, easy-to-use plugin to share your Paypal or other IPN notifications with multiple systems – all with just a few clicks!

The Classic “IPN Problem”

If you’ve sold anything online, especially through Paypal, then you probably already have this problem – or you have it, but don’t even know you have it 🙂

IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification – basically a buzzword for the technology that payment processors use to notify third-party web apps – like your membership plugin, physical product fulfillment services like Kunaki or Vervante, or a Call Center that will call your leads or customers – upon a sale or a refund.

While Paypal was the one that originally introduced the term IPN, just about every payment processor (worth using) today has some form of notification process in place, even if they happen to call it something else (eg., ClickBank calls it INS – Instant Notification Service).

So say you were selling subscriptions using Paypal and using a membership plugin for WordPress – like (DAP) – then in your Paypal account, you could configure the IPN URL to be . And Paypal would then notify your membership plugin (in this example, DAP) at the URL specified every time there is a sale or a refund. And DAP would then do whatever it needs to do – like create an account for your new member, give them access to the content they’ve purchased, send out welcome emails, make them an affiliate, etc.

So far so good, right?

Now what if you wanted Paypal to also notify your product fulfillment service, and also notify another CRM app that you’re using, and finally, need a notification to your call center service (so they can call your customer and market high-ticket items to them or simply follow up to say “thank you”)?

With more people selling online, and using the same payment processor to sell different products through different web sites. the biggest-yet-most-basic problem for most sellers, is this…

“How to share the notification that Paypal sends me, with multiple web apps and services and maybe even my own custom scripts?”

Almost all payment processors like Paypal, ClickBank, Google Checkout, 1ShoppingCart, etc, either allow only one notification URL per account, or at best, one notification URL per product sold.

And that just outright sucks for you and us!

Sharing The (IPN) Wealth

During the last 3+ years of supporting thousands of customers using our membership plugin DAP, we’ve seen this problem come up repeatedly. More so since our users have started using DAP on multiple web sites, sometimes in completely unrelated niches, but they still use only one main Paypal account to receive payments (NOTE: At the time of writing this, Paypal does not allow you to open more than one Business/Premier account).

Which means, even though Paypal allows you to set a different IPN URL for every new button you create, it’s still a “One IPN URL Per Account or Product” restriction.

And thus was born the “IPN Redirect” plugin.

[jbox vgradient="#d8d8d8|#ffffff" shadow="7" jbox_css="border:4px solid #9d9d9d;" title="'Solved a long time ago, should this have been!'"]... says Yoda :-). But "Better late than never!", says us.[/jbox]


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[box]NOTE: [highlight]You need just a 1-site license for this plugin, because you will need to install this on just one web site ONLY. And that one web site then becomes the “IPN Hub” for all of your other web sites.[/highlight] Which is why we are not offering an Unlimited-site license version of this plugin, as it is neither required nor applicable.[/box]