Should’ve Been Named “Exit Redirect”

One of the most-widely used tools from the internet marketer’s toolbox, the Exit Popup is now available to you as a WordPress plugin.

And the most effective exit popups are more of a “Redirect” than a typical “Popup”.

So when your visitor is trying to leave your sales page or a special offer page, you can silently redirect them to a “downsell” page or a “squeeze” page where you can make them either a Downsell-Offer, a Coupon Code that gives them a discount, or make an attempt to get their email address at the very least, so you can follow up with them at a later time.

[jbox color=”blue” vgradient=”#fdfeff|#bae3ff” title=”When used on the right niche…”]… an “exit offer” can be one of the most powerful attention grabbing tools in your marketing arsenal.[/jbox]

This ain’t your typical “Annoying” exit popup!

This is truly an “Exit Offer” plugin.

  • Friendliest “Exit Offer”, and not an annoying “In Your Face” popup
  • Un-blockable Exit Redirect which redirects your visitor to a separate page which can even be a WordPress page with images, video, audio, and a sign-up form
  • Not your typical, annoying “in your face” popup. More a “Redirect”
  • Will be triggered only when your visitor is trying to close the browser window, or trying to click-away to another site or page
  • No silly DHTML tricks or mouse-clicks / mouse-over based triggers. Offers a true exit redirect
  • Will not trigger browser or desktop software-based popup blockers
  • Can be configured to show up not more than once, thus never getting triggered if the visitor happens to come back to your site multiple times
  • Redirect your visitor to any friendly offer page – does not have to be a pushy sales page.
  • Redirect page even be a WordPress page or post, maintaining the look & feel of your WordPress site, allowing you to use all of the features of your current theme
  • Page can contain Images, Video, Audio, Squeeze Page, Coupon Code, or could even be a low-key blog post, or your testimonials page for your product
  • Works extremely effectively especially in non-IM “regular” niches where people are not so jaded and annoyed about getting, say, a coupon code for the very product that they’re trying to purchase.
  • You can even get them to give you their email id in exchange for a coupon code that you will send them by email (instead of displaying it right on that page)

Popup’s don’t have to be “Pushy”. The goal of an exit offer need not necessarily be to intimidate or pressurize the visitor into buying.

Exit Popups are obviously not for all web sites.

So depending on the niche, when used in a low-key manner, you could easily skyrocket pageviews, signups and even sales.

[jbox vgradient="#d8d8d8|#ffffff" shadow="7" jbox_css="border:4px solid #9d9d9d;" title="Did You Know..."]... that Exit Offers are especially effective in Non-IM niches?[/jbox]


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