What does this plugin do?

It will allow you to connect multiple DAP sites.

You probably already know what is Product Chaining in DAP. With Product Chaining, you can set up rules in DAP to say, if a member buys Product A, also give them access to Product B. This is for 2 products on the same web site.

Now imagine doing Product Chaining across two different web sites, each with its own DAP installation.

We’re calling that DAP2DAP. It is basically cross-site product chaining.

You can have users automatically registered in the destination DAP site when they make a purchase on the source site or signup for free membership on source site.

Am I eligible for this plugin?

If you are a member of our Monthly Membership Program (Platinum Membership), you will be able to download this plugin from your Members Area.

If you are not a member of our Monthly Membership Program (Platinum Membership), it’s a great time to signup for our unbeatable Netflix of Plugins offer and receive FREE access to ALL of our plugins for LIFE.

What triggers the notifications from the source site to destination site?

This notification gets sent from the SOURCE DAP site to the DESTINATION DAP site when the following events occur:


If a user registers to a FREE product or purchases a PAID product,  DAP on source site will automatically add user to the destination site.

You just need to specify the ‘DAP Product ID’ of the destination site to which the user should be added. The product names between source and destination DAP sites DO NOT have to match.


If a user loses access to a product (cancellation / refund / non-payment etc),  DAP on source site will automatically remove user from the product on the destination site.

You just need to specify the ‘DAP Product ID’ of the destination site that the user should lose access to. The product names between source and destination DAP sites DO NOT have to match.

How do I install this plugin?

1. This is NOT a WORDPRESS plugin.  It’s a DAP Plugin. You cannot install it like a WP plugin.

2. Download the dap2dap zip file from your members area on WickedCoolPlugins.com site.

Unzip the files to your desktop.
You will find a folder called dap2dap.

It will have a subfolder called .“dap”.

Upload  the entire dap folder to the root folder on BOTH the source and destination sites.
That’s it.

To make sure that you’ve uploaded it correctly, look for a “dap2dap” folder under /dap/plugins folder.

If you don’t find it there, you may not have uploaded the “dap” folder to the root folder of your website.
If you find it there, you’re all set.

(Also, if you are a DAP platinum member and want us to install the plugin for you, just open a support ticket and we’ll do the installation for you).

How do I setup this plugin?

1.   First create a STRING using the following format 

NOTE: you will need to enter it in dap products page -> notifications tab -> plugin notification (add/remove) section of the SOURCE DAP site




Say you set SECRETKEY as COOLBEANS above (it can be any value of your choice).

Then make sure that on the DESTINATION DAP site, set DAP admin -> setup -> config -> Secret Key for Payment Processing: Secret Authorization Key to COOLBEANS.

Whatever you set as the secret key on SOURCE SITE in the plugin notify section, make sure to use the same secret key in the dap setup -> config area on the DESTTINATION SITE. This for security reasons.


The destination URL should be set to http://YOURSITE.com/dap/dap-d2d.php  (replace YOURSITE.com with the name of the destination site)


If you set CREATE_TRANSACTION to “Y”, then automatically the transaction details will be pushed from source to destination and the transaction will be created in the destination site.

If you set CREATE_TRANSACTION to “N”, then the user account will be created in destination site but NO transaction will be created.


Add the DAP product ID of the destination site’s product you want to integrate.

If the destination site product Id is 2, then just enter 2 here.

For ex:



2.   Login to DAP admin dashboard on the SOURCE DAP site.

Visit DAP Products page. Select the SOURCE product.

Click on the Notifications tab.

In the Plugin Notification section (ADD/REMOVE), enter the string you created in STEP 1 above.

For eg., if the product on the source site is FACEBOOK SECRETS. And you want the users that register to this product to be added to a product named FB USERS (destination dap product ID = 3 ) on the destination site.

Then the string will be something like this :


If you want a transaction to be created on the destination site as well, then set the CREATE_TRANSACTION to Y. If a transaction is created, the earnings/reports page will report it.


How do i test this plugin ?

1) Go to DAP Admin -> Manage Users page and delete the test user (if the user you want to test with already exists).

2) Add user to the source product via DAP Admin -> Add Users page.

3) Now login to the DAP Admin Dashboard on the destination site.

4) Visit the Users -> Manage page and you should find the user added automatically to the product on the destination site.



Quick Summary:

1. Download the Zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the Zip file. You’ll find a “dap” folder.
3. Upload the “dap” folder (and all the subfolder / files under it) to the ROOT folder of your website.
Do this on BOTH Source and the Destination sites.
4. Configure the “plugin notifications” field (in the DAP products page >> Notifications tab) on the Source Site to communicate with the destination site.

That’s it.