“…simplistic but powerful…”

All of Veena’s and Ravi’s products are top notch!

iSMS is simplistic but powerful.

While researching SMS solutions for my business ALL of the solutions available were considerably more expensive. With iSMS’s ability to integrate with Twilio, you can send SMS’s for $0.01 per message rather than $0.05 per message with CallLoop. That can be a huge savings depending on your usage.

Jonathan Hyslop


“Veena and Ravi have done it again!”

William Rutledge
E. Brian Rose

Awesome Plugin!

Veena and Ravi have done it again!

This time with an amazing set of plugins that can instantly solve a lot of problems common to Internet marketers.

I am particularly fond of the IPN Redirect plugin. This is a solution I have been searching quite some time for.

I have been endorsing DAP for over a year, and now you can add Wicked Cool Plugins to my short list of products that get five stars.

E. Brian Rose


“Finally, a set of awesome list building and marketing plugins all in one place…”

Finally, a set of awesome list building and marketing plugins all in one place.

As a product creator and site developer for clients, I’ve often been asked how to capture more visitors and I’ve been looking for these, both for myself, and my clients.

Instead of having to patch together a number of plugins, and hope they don’t conflict, I now have a suite of plugins that not only help me build lists and get more prospects and customers, but I don’t have to worry that they’re going to cause errors on my site, with the possibility of taking it out of action when I least expect it.

The best part for me is being able to have individual popups on individual pages. I’m not restricted by having a plugin that only works site wide. These work on any individual page or post, with any individual offer I want.

Whether that’s to give them a discount on a particular product, or a downsell, or to get them to opt into my list that’s specifically for that product. I can have unlimited products, with unlimited offers for each. No more generic marketing. I can drill down to what specifically my visitors are interested in.

It’s as simple as click the icon on the page or post, fill in the info needed, click Insert – job done. I now have it on my site specifically where I want it.

These are a great suite of plugins. A must have if you’re serious about connecting with your costumers and capturing as much traffic that comes to your site.

David Walsh


“It seems like you’ve thought of everything…”

Kirk Ward

Veena, Ravi …

I am absolutely blown away with the Wicked Cool Plugin family!

You’ve hit on every major idea I was looking for: Popups and content control to build my Social Media exposure and List Building, as well as an IPN Redirect that I can use to tie my PayPal sales in with support applications like my autoresponder, telemarketing service and fulfillment center.

I’m blown away with the stability the plugins show with WordPress and the minimal configuration requirements.

It seems like you’ve thought of everything. Even to the point of including LinkedIn among the Social Media options – something I haven’t been able to find in any other WordPress Plugin I’ve tried.

What’s next? I’m ready!!!



“I can feel how they’ve really put their HEART into Wicked Cool Plugins”

Li Susanto

Veena and Ravi, as usual, have created some really high quality plugins here.

Not all developers test their products before launch like they do. This is the first time I have worked with them as a beta tester and I can feel how they’ve really put their HEART into Wicked Cool Plugins.

For me, that’s what really counts when I’m choosing a software/script.




“… ability to include the plugins into social media is a massive bonus…”

Andrew Berry

Using WCP has made my site look and feels as if I am a big business in the Internet. The look and feel of the plugins are professional and are designed to keep prospective clients and turn them into paying clients with the minimum of fuss and outlay.

The ability to include the plugins into social media is a massive bonus. Everyone and every business these days is talking Twitter, Facebook, Google and the ability to combine my site with social media is a great combination.


Andrew Berry