Plugin Downloads

Click on the “Download” links below and save the zip files to your desktop.


Click here for even older versions of S3MediaVault


If you see the text [ARCHIVE] next to any of the above downloads, then it means that it’s not the latest version. If you don’t see the latest version of those plugins in the top section, then it means your access to WickedCoolPlugins upgrades and support has expired, and you will need to renew.
If you have access to a newer version, then DO NOT download the [ARCHIVE] version because the old version is probably broken, and the new version has fixes and improvements to the old version. If you download an older version when a newer one is available, and it doesn’t work, then we won’t be able to resolve the issue because the resolution is most probably in the newer version. And even if it is a new bug being reported, it will be fixed in the latest version, and not in any of the older versions. So if you open a ticket with an issue in an older version, then the first thing we’ll tell you is to download and activate the latest version and see if the issue gets resolved.


The date within parenthesis denotes the date the version was released.

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