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STU is a wicked cool plugin for DAP that brings a refreshing new approach to signup forms and does 3 things really well…

STU gives DAP users a whole lot more power, and allows you to squeeze the visitor’s name and email address and add them to your free DAP product which acts as your list, and then you can use the DAP autoresponder feature to drip emails and follow up with them over time.

1) “Sign-Up Gate”

STU allows you to lock premium content on a page and allow your visitor to “Unlock” that content only after they “Signup” [hence the name “Signup To Unlock”]

2) Beautiful templates
STU comes with 17 readily built-in eye-catching templates that can be easily customized using our powerful “Dynamic Visuals” editor

3) Clicktcha
One of the biggest pain points for all site owners with free signup forms is spam signups. The problem with captcha is that if you enforce this extra thing on a newsletter or list signup form, your conversion is going to get absolutely killed! That’s why we decided to integrate “Click-based Captcha” with STU. Basically, you simply show a checkbox followed by something like “Yes, I am human” or “Check this if you’re not a robot” [“text is fully customizable”]. And all the subscriber has to do is click on the checkbox.
So STU gives you the best of both worlds – the anti-spam protection of captcha while still making it easy for the subscriber.


You can download the plugin from your members area on our site (WickedCoolPlugins.com/login).

Also note down your WCP license from your members area on WickedCoolPlugins.com/login.

Download the WCP License plugin zip file and the SignupToUnlock plugin zip file.
Upload and install it like you would install any WP plugin via the WP admin -> plugins -> install interface.

Now activate the STU plugin and WCP license plugin in WP admin -> plugins.

In WP admin -> settings -> WCP License section, enter your WCP license key.

Also download the STU – Companion DAP Files zip from your downloads area on http://wickedcoolplugins.com/my-account/downloads/site.
Extract contents of this zip files, and you will find these 5 files there:

Upload the following files directly to the dap folder on your site:

Upload functions.php to /dap/inc folder on your site.

That’s it.

Here is how it works :

1) First create your FREE list / product in DAP.

2) When you create a FREE product in DAP, make sure to set ‘Allow Free Signup’ to “YES” for that free product in DAP Admin => Manage => Products page => General tab.

3) Define the product as Single-optin or Double-optin in DAP admin => Manage Products page => Notifications tab.
If it’s a single-optin product, leave the Double-Optin Email: Subject & Body empty in the Notifications tab on dap products page.
If it’s a double-optin product, make sure to send the activation link in the Double-Optin Email: Body (use the
%%ACTIVATION_LINK%% merge tag for activation link).

If it’s a double-optin list/product, then upon signup the users will first receive the activation email. And only after they complete the activation, the users will see any ‘hidden/locked’ content. Until the activation, the content will remain locked/hidden.

4) Define any content that’s part of this list/product under DAP admin => Manage Products page => ContentResponder tab.
That’s it as far as DAP product / list setup is concerned.

5) When you add/edit any WordPress page, you will find a new STU button in the ”Visual Editor’.
See: http://wickedcoolplugins.com/images/STU-Page-Editor.png

Click on the STU editor / button. You can add/edit signup templates in that editor.

Pick a sidebar template or a page template.

And fill up the other options on that page.

Set “SignupToUnlock Cookie Expiry (in days)” to 0 days if you want a regular signup form.

Regular signup form
When you set it to 0 days, then when a user signs up, they will get redirected to whatever you have set as the ‘redirect’ url in the STU editor.

If the signup form is for a single-optin dap product, the user will get auto-logged-in to dap upon signup and then redirected to whatever you have set as the redirect url in the STU editor.

If the signup form is for a double-optin dap product, the user will NOT get auto-logged-in to dap upon signup but the user will get redirected to whatever you have set as the redirect url in the STU editor.

Regardless of single or double-optin product, if the user account already exists in dap (with no product, or with another product or with this current product) and the user is now signing up again , the user will NOT be auto-logged-in . The auto-login will only occur for single-optin list and ONLY when the user is using an email (new email) for signup that didnot exist before in DAP users -> manage page.

You can use STU to hide content behind the form OR use it to automatically redirect users to another page upon login.
If you want to use STU to hide content that should unlock / reveal itself upon successful signup, then leave the redirectURL empty while setting up STU form.

Hide Content behind the signup form
If you want to hide content behind the signup form, then set the cookie expiry to 1 day or more and leave redirectURL empty.

Hide whatever content you want between the SignupToUnlock tags as shown here:

Say you set the cookie expiry to 2 days. Now if a user signs up successfully, the signup form will disappear and will get replaced by the ‘HIDDEN CONTENT’. If user revisits the page with signup form, they will see the hidden content. After 2 days the cookie will expire.. so now if the same user revisits the page, they will again see the signup form.

Direct Your Visitors to a Clear Action at the Bottom of the Page