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If you add up the cost of all the plugins separately, the price comes to $209 for the 1-site license, and $469 for the Unlimited-site license.

1-Site License (7 Plugins): Just $209 $97

Unlimited-site license (7 Plugins): Just $469 $197




  • choose your plan

  • Social Media Popup
  • Social Media PageLock
  • iSMS
  • Exit Popup
  • SnEaKy Affiliate
  • IPN Redirect
  • ListBuilder Popup
  • DAPTicket
  • # Of Licenses

[box]IMPORTANT: [highlight]Unlimited-Site License is NOT for use on client sites[/highlight], JV sites, partner sites, friend/family/church/organization web sites. It is only for use on your own web sites.[/box]

[box]Lifetime License: Your WickedCoolPlugins license never expires. You may use it for life without ever paying us a penny ever again! PLUS you get 1 full year of free, unlimited tech support & upgrades.[/box]

[jbox color=”gray” title=”Great Plugins, Great Value, Great Support!”]7 plugins that are very unique and powerful… and when used in tandem, the traffic-snowball effect you’ll experience is something you’ve probably never seen before.

Six of the 7 Plugins are made for increasing traffic to your web site. And one of them (IPN Redirect) is to enable you to automate and manage your sales process better as the web sites you operate grow in numbers.

You probably won’t see another plugin toolkit so jam-packed with value. Oh, and don’t forget: This is from the same folks behind DigitalAccessPass.com, known for our incredibly passionate tech support, customer service and quality of product.

And to think that you’re literally getting 7 Plugins for the Price of 1![/jbox]